There is a good reason to hire Glenlake and that is to save money.

An action in Small Claims Court is not "Small" to you, attending court to successfully defend a Provincial Offense can affect your pocketbook for years and removing a toxic tenant from your property means a positive return on your bottom line.

​When we first sit down with you, at our initial consultation, Glenlake will work hard to understand what your issue really is, how we can solve it, and make a plan on how to resolve it. We understand you, and we are going to make the court understand you too.

We at Glenlake Paralegal Services take a proactive approach to your problem. We don’t think the legal system should be inaccessible, or that you should have to pay a great deal to get justice. Glenlake Paralegal can even assist you in third party dispute settlements, and alternative resolutions, working to resolve your issue before you ever need to take it to court.

We focus on Small Claims Disputes, Landlord/Tenant matters, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Human Rights matters, and Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) applications and appeals.

We also have expertise in other areas. Contact us today to inquire how we can become your advocate in Provincial Offenses and/or the License Appeals Tribunal.

Call Glenlake Paralegal to find out if you need a lawyer - before you call a lawyer.

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