Paralegals are not permitted to practice Family Law.

By Peter Janowski.

First a little house keeping.

Glanlake Paralegals does not refer clients to Family Law lawyers. If we did we would attach a fee to that service and report that fee to you. Nor do we refer clients to those “used car salesmen” of the legal industry, the Personal Injury lawyers, but that is a topic for another day.

There are government resources, clinics and etc to help people navigate the Family Law system. Google that notion and take an active, participatory role in understanding your rights and obligations before talking to any lawyers.

If you and your spouse can be amicable in your divorce or separation, these things can be resolved on your own with the resources available. If there is a threat of verbal or physical aggression, by all means see a lawyer, but if you are civilized you can reasonably resolve on your own with little or no involvement of lawyers saving oodles of money, headaches, time and premature aging.

The Government really tries to resolve Family Matters issues before they go to court. The system is strained and making a genuine effort not only saves you money but you can do your bit as a citizen and feel good about going it on your own.

Paralegals are not permitted to practice Family Law.

Disclaimer: I do not practice Family Law. The above is not advice. In the practice of Family law I am only slightly more knowledgeable than the average layperson.

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