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Small Claims


Glenlake Paralegal is not a high volume paralegal outfit.  We are a small business with a world of experience, just like you. Don't leave your money on the table.


 The legal limit in "the people's court" is $25,000.00.

Account Recovery


Unpaid accounts are a business reality.  However, they do not need to be a financial loss. 

We can assist you in collecting on unpaid accounts.  Our system is quicker and more effective than using a collection agency. 


Our fee is reasonable and may be payable upon successful collection of an unpaid account.   


We solve problems.  Give us a call.   

Landlord/Tenant Matters


It is your property and it does not belong to the tenants. Glenlake paralegal represnts your interests in disputes with tenants. 




Glenlake Paralegal helps vet tenants with background/credit checks 


Process Serving Agent Appearances


Serving official court douments and appearing in court is serious business. It can be fraught with tension and is always inconvenient. Do not trust your documents to an amateur and do not waste time in court.

We will professionally serve your important court documents and appear for you in court.

Provincial Offences


There are many agencies that can issue Provincial Offence Tickets, 


• City By-law Enforcement • Fire Services

• Police Service • Ontario Provincial Police • Ministry of Transportation • Ministry of Environment • Ministry of Labour • Ministry of Natural Resources • Ministry of Health • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board • Go Transit, and more.

Glenlake Fights them All.


If you have been told that you need an afidavit you can use a paralega to have it sworn. An affidavit is simply your words being recorded and certified as being truly your words. 


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